Top Five Tax Season Tips for Business Owners

By Rebecca A. Casarez, CPA

1. Plan a year ahead, not behind.

Don’t extend unless there is a tax benefit. Talk to your business focused CPA. 

See How to Create a Tax Plan for 2019.


2. Understand the Changes to the tax code:

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act implemented the biggest change to the U.S. Tax Code in 30 years.

Check out this article to get an understanding of those changes: 

Everything you need to know about the 2017 Tax Cuts.

Talk to your knowledgeable CPA if you have further questions about the tax changes.


3. Hire business specialized advisors, not just the family used CPA.

Interview at least (3) firms, not just local ones and definitely not the first one you find.

We have a list of questions on our website to help quality your CPA firm (Questions to Ask When Hiring a CPA).

Important skills of a firm include:

  1. Business Expertise
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Timeliness


4. Maintain accurate records

The most expensive tax deduction is the one you miss due to poor record keeping and accounting.

We put together an article that focuses on the 8 Deductions Most Often Forgotten by Business Owners. 

Our main objective at ProAdvisor CPA is to provide real-time, accurate books and to take this burden off our clients so they can enjoy their journey as business owners.


5. Do not focus on the small percentage the IRS takes in taxes.

In the US, most individuals are at 0-25% marginal tax rate – what are you doing with the majority 75%? (How Paying Zero Taxes Harms Your Business.)

  1. Successful business owners do not worry about how to maintain zero profits, but rather are more concerned with how they invest their profits.
  2. Your CPA should understand how to maximize profits through growth while minimizing taxes but are not concerned with getting a zero-dollar tax bill.
  3. Change your mindset to realize that a tax bill means you are profitable – but you still need to tax plan. Talk to your business specialized CPA.
  4. Reference. (2016 IRS Individual Stats –



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