Remote Bookkeeping Services: How Does it Even Work?

By Kristen Corey

With the recent events, many of us had to make big adjustments to working online. It has required us to pick up new software programs, adjust our daily schedules, and find new ways to communicate. Many are wondering how people even work remotely full time! Luckily, there are plenty of bookkeeping services that have been working remotely long before 2020 began.


Where to Start?

The old idea of bookkeeping requires pen and paper, maybe excel, or even Quickbooks Desktop. Maybe the old accountant uses paper receipts and sends invoices in the mail. This may have been the best option a while back, but today, every part of the accounting process can be conducted online.

From sending invoices, collecting bills, accounting for a loan, and even opening a bank account can all be done online. Many of these systems understand it is not just the business owner that needs access to this information or the business owner that is managing its day to day activities. Accountants are now deeply involved which these systems allow


Banking Software

It would not be very practical to give only one person control over a businesses bank account - nor would it be very safe! Banks realize this is common among business bank accounts and give its users the ability to create users. 

By creating another user for your remote accountant, you can allow them to download bank statements, checks, and verify transactions without giving them full access to your system. If you are considering a remote CPA, this option makes it much easier.


Bookkeeping Software

Earlier we mentioned some old bookkeeping tools, excel and Quickbooks Desktop, but today nearly every bookkeeper understands how to use some online bookkeeping software. There are tons of options from Quickbooks Online and Xero to Aplos and Freshbooks. 

We have our preference but no matter which system you go with, these software companies build their platforms so remote accountants can easily manage the books of businesses all over the world. 


Document Sharing

This may seem like a major hurdle at first, but experienced remote accountants know there are plenty of tools out there that allow them to share documents quickly and efficiently with their clients. Programs like Hubdoc allow you to quickly upload, share, and store documents. 

We love Hubdoc because you can sync your bank account with the software so monthly bank statements are automatically pulled and stored. The same goes for various expenses. If you are emailed a receipt, Hubdoc provides you with a personalized email you can forward the receipt to and it will be stored for your accountant to reconcile later. 

Expanding your business is an exciting step and as you begin to research various ways to outsource, know the accounting industry has adapted to making working online super easy! If you are looking for a remote accountant, know we have many options that can help streamline all of your financial processes.


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