Does Covid-19 Have You Overwhelmed With Your Business Applications?

We understand why accounting can be overwhelming (in general) but even more so right now. So we have come up with a few of our favorite accounting tools that will help you get through these next few months smoothly. Who knows? Maybe you will love them so much they will become a permanent part of your business.
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Many people have been overwhelmed with how COVID-19 has impacted their business – and we are not just talking about cash flow. Suddenly you are home and having to manage parts of your business you have not touched in a while. On top of all the stress, you currently have you now have to calculate depreciation.


Our Business App Recommendations



Generally speaking, Xero is our favorite accounting platform. They are a company that works with small businesses and accountants to make sure the software is user-friendly and efficient for everyone involved.

One particular aspect of the software that makes remote working easy is the discussion tool when it comes to transactions. Each transaction that is poured into Xero has an accompanying discussion tab where you (the small business owner) and your accountant can quickly identify transactions or inconsistencies. It eliminates so many unnecessary emails and phone calls!



As accountants, we understand how important security is. It is right up there with making sure all the numbers add up. So when it comes to choosing a secure storage system, we want the best – which is Box.

Aside from the security, it allows users the ability to quickly collaborate on a document without emailing, downloading, or resaving. Something not all online storage systems can say.


Facebook Workplace

One of the most challenging parts of this pandemic is communication. Some of us are spending more time connecting with others, and some of us feel disconnected. Either way, if you were once in an office and now you are not, communication is likely an issue.

Facebook has created Facebook Workplace which is sort of a mini Facebook just for your company. No, not LinkedIn. Facebook. You can quickly chat with coworkers over messenger, video chat, or just audio. You can have pages dedicated to different departments, projects, or even a fun watercooler-type room.

This includes creating pages with your accountant, it can help speed up communication no matter where you or your accountant is.



Everyone talks about Asana, but we have been hooked on Click-up recently. Not only do we find the features to be more user-friendly, but it has a lot of what Asana already has for free. Click-up allows for collaboration, which makes it easy to work with your accountants or accounting department to figure out when a report is due or how much progress is being made with A/R.



You may be surprised how much writing is involved in accounting. From financial reports to following up on some misplaced AP, making sure you sound professional in all of your correspondence will help alleviate some of the natural stress that comes with communication. 

Install the plugin and it will track what you type everywhere you go. From a misplaced comma to a misspelled word, Grammarly will ensure you sound professional even when you are in your bunny slippers.

When everything in your business must change, do so quickly and efficiently. Some of our favorite tools help make working remotely possible. We hope they help bring efficiency to your workplace as well. 


If you are struggling with the move to the cloud, schedule a free consultation with us. We would be happy to show you how easy it is to move all your books onto the cloud. 

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